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Contact Page/Form and Information

Contact Form: Introduction

Initially, there are presently 5 various methods of contacting My-Pet-Extra. Should you ever need us? Firstly, the quickest response method would be to click our Green Live Chat Support floating widget. Besides, this is situated at the right footer of each page and post.

Secondly, you could send a message to our email address. Because this has been published below. Moreover, to the right of our Contacting Form.

Thirdly, you could send your message in our Messaging Form, directly below. Certainly, add your name and email address. Correctly, to the above 3 Messaging Us Methods.

Postal and Email Addresses


So, finally, the remaining 2 methods of contacting us would be by telephone if technical support is needed. Plus, the trusted postal method is sent to our admin head office address. Our address below is strictly admin head office access only. And, should not be used for any type of product return.

Product returns should be sent to the Return PO Box No. Which has been published on the outer of your order packaging. Our Order Returns PO Box address is also on the printed inner invoice slip inside your order packaging.

Smartly, the best way to message us instantly and receive an immediate resolution to your query. Therefore, this would be done by clicking our green floating Live Chat Support Widget. Because this is published on the right footer of each page and post.

Moreover, be thorough with your contact details and include any important details. Well, for instance, a product title, and any significant dates. Or order billing confirmation.

Therefore, our telephone support is strictly for technical issues only. But, telephone support is not for orders. Telephone support is also not for any order returns complaints, etc. Our telephone helpline is strictly only for website access issues and support.

You should access our Live Chat Support for any immediate responses. For any questions you may have. Or, just say a nice warm and homely hello to this week's Live Chat Support host.

Whatever, you're contacting My-Pet-Extra for. We're highly confident we can resolve your query swiftly and thoroughly.

If your query is related to our Pet Products Gift Vouchers/Gift Cards. Then, these are available and redeemable. On our order checkout page.

Well then, what are you waiting for? Message My-Pet-Extra by your chosen method today. Plus, view our Product Categories and Products. So, these are situated

    Postal Address and Phone No.

    Meadow Court


    L11 9DT


    Phone:      +44 151 548 2652



    Our friendly, pet-loving Customer Service will do their very best to help you out with any questions or queries you may have. We are currently open Monday to Friday from 8am until 4pm (excluding bank holidays).