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Outer size (overall installation size) and inner size

1.Large outer size: 46cm long by 36cm wide

Large inner size: 40cm long by 30cm wide

2. Small outer size: 29cm long by 24cm wide

Small size inside size: length 25cm width 20cm


Installation steps:

Step 1: Put the screen door] down and put it flat, put the cat screen door in two pieces, install it at the lowest corner of the screen door, Then the cat screen door clamps the screen mesh before and after.

Step 2: Press the pin button of the cat screen door to clamp the screen.

Step 3: Use a knife to cut along the inner door edge of the cat screen door in and out, while the two hook accessories cut off Insert the jack in the middle of the bottom to control the cat screen door in or out.


Additional information

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Black, White


S:29*24CM, L:46*36CM

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